Survivor Hearts

Though we have not started services to girls who have been brought out of sex trafficking, we do have some women on our team who are survivors. In our adventure over this past two years, we have also met many women who have had the courage to share their stories with us. Below are a few glimpses into their hearts.

"I mentioned the battle for my soul being terrifyingly real. The absolute darkest time back then was the night I was going to take my life. I wasn't what you would call suicidal - just desperately suffering - and I would pray for something to happen that wasn't my fault but would end my pain (like a fatal car accident). I was at the end of what I could handle...moments away from running my van off a steep part of the ditch on my way home on a black rainy night...

I share all of this with you because this is the flipside of the battle for my soul. The enemy has had a grip on me for 30+ years with shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, self-loathing, etc. that kept me from a personal relationship with my God. Satan's gnarly claws are out and grasping at what little he has left. Over the last four years of my healing, he lost the stronghold of many of my triggers that kept me in the dark." ...

Expression Through Poetry


We all create things,
As we want them to be
Like the clouds in the mountains,
And the roar of the sea.
But when we go searching,
It's not like it seems
Because life is more beautiful,
Especially in dreams.
Life is not over,
If we can't find the gate
To the dreams we live in,
The ones we create.
We should look at each object,
And know what it means
And don't be let down,
If it's not like our dreams.

-- Deanna Worden



I thought I could soar
And hang with the best
But this Eagle is tired
And must take a rest.
The path that I followed
I can no longer travel
I've lost all bearings
And I'm coming unraveled
Alone and weary
And can't find my way
Cause those who have guided me
have all flown away
The secrets I'm left holding
about my life's flight
makes the dark seem darker
in the middle of night
My mouth is open
and I'm trying to yell
But the words won't come out
Cause I must not tell.
Will I be preyed upon
As I sit here alone
Or will God hear my cries
And guide me home?

-- Deanna Worden 2014