SAAFE Circle

a new support group for sexual trauma

As an outreach offering through Beloved: Not Forgotten, SAAFE Circle is a place for women ages 18 and over who have been violated in any kind of way sexually - childhood sexual abuse, rape, trafficking, exploitation, etc. It is a safe, confidential support community of survivors where we can respectfully discuss issues that impact our lives. We have unique stories...common threads, and are all beloved.

We recognize the unique challenges of living with trauma. We believe connecting with other survivors is an important part of the healing process. Please know that you are not alone, As a survivor, you may feel isolated and like no one understands. We're women who understand the journey of recovering and reclaiming our lives. This is a group to offer encouragement, support, validation, and information in a faith-based setting. We aspire to ensure that you feel safe sharing your story.

Healing knows no timeline and trauma is trauma - no need to measure. We support each other for issues common in healing after rape, sexual assault, & sexual abuse such as flashbacks, depression, anxiety, and PTSD; self-injury and self-harm; eating disorders; relationships, sex & intimacy; spirituality; pregnancy & parenting; and legal concerns, etc.


Provide a safe, confidential, supportive community where women 18 and older who have been victimized by any form of sexual trauma are able to share like experiences, learn how to cope with the impact of trauma, and walk together in their journey of healing.


That adult survivors of sexual trauma will transform the negative impact of their experiences in to positive strengths, rise above to heal from the traumas, and thrive with purpose for the future.


That adult survivors of sexual trauma use their experiences as fuel to transform their scars, reclaim their lives, and lead others to wholeness.

The group meets every other TUESDAY at 6:30 p.m. in the Warsaw, Indiana area, starting August 10th. Please contact us for exact location and further information.

    Upcoming Dates:

    April 4, 2023
    April 18, 2023
    May 2, 2023
    May 16, 2023

    A little about us...

    Tina Arend

    Tina Arend

    Tina Arend is a daughter of Jesus Christ. He has called her by name. She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse from a very early age by several adults who were supposed to be caring for her. She has navigated the challenges of DID, C-PTSD, depression/anxiety, OCD, ED, and a few other disordered behaviors as an aftermath of the traumas. She has learned to access her repressed memories during intense weekly therapy over the last seven years and by using art therapy. She is a wife of 22 years, the mother to three adult children, and a volunteer with Beloved: Not Forgotten.

    Tina's "Words of Wisdom" are: Embrace Your Resiliency

    Bonnie - Head Shot

    Bonne Long

    Bonnie Long is a survivor of domestic/sexual abuse. She has battled depression, anxiety, and fear as well as many other after effects of her trauma. She has grown through counseling and her always growing relationship with Jesus Christ. She is a wife of 26 years, a mother to three wonderful children, and a grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren. She is an active member and women's ministry leader at her church, the RUWN and is currently pursuing training in Christian counseling to help answer God's call o her life to help women in need.

    Bonnie's "Words of Wisdom" are: Surrendering to it brings hope and through the process peace.

    Heather - Head Shot

    Heather Bontrager

    Heather is a sexual/domestic abuse survivor of almost 15 years. After her experiences with the abuse God laid it on her heart to help others experiencing the same strife. She has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology and is currently finishing her master's degree in Psychology with a passion for women of rape, abuse, and human trafficking. She has been married to the love of her life for 7 years, is a step-mama to three beautiful women, and is a grandmother to three handsome boys.

    Heather's "Words of Wisdom" are: More of Him and less of me.


    We have been talking about the word "Trust" in SAAFE Circle the past few meetings. These are participants' thoughts about trust and how that word affects their lives, expressed through pictures and poems. It's part of the healing process. Everyone sees that word differently. Everyone expresses that word differently. Everyone interprets that word differently. No one answer is right or wrong.

    It’s just a word
    Five letters
    One Syllable
    A blip on the radar
    A speck in the universe

    Just say it
    Vowels and Consonants
    Stirred together
    Like sugar into your coffee
    Or a batter
    Of Grandma’s world famous
    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    You can do it
    You can find it
    Patience my child

    I will make you work for it
    I will leave you
    Discourage You
    Embarrass You
    Provide you with
    A feeling of complete failure
    Or the weight of a semi-truck
    Stifling down your strong shoulders

    If you want it
    You must play
    Play my version of Life
    My version of Candy Land

    You must follow the path
    The path I’ve laid out
    Because there is no other way
    Only my way, my plan

    That’s how I keep control
    How I control the narrative
    How I control what you know
    What you can see
    What you can feel
    What you can hurt
    It’s how I control when you
    Can abuse the power you’ve been given

    The door is locked
    With the do not enter sign
    placed perfectly below the window
    of the door
    through the window you think
    you see what is happening
    you think you see the finish line
    like this is your only task
    getting through the door
    you think you’ve arrived
    waiting for me to open it
    let you in

    down the path
    the obstacle course is next
    weaving in and out
    bobbing up and down
    physical strength needed here
    mental strength necessary
    have you made it?
    crossed the finish line
    broken through the barriers
    try again

    the sharks are just ahead
    the smell of blood
    enticing them
    they know what is coming
    they know the fear
    that they carry
    the emotions they stir inside
    the question here is simple
    will you turn back
    or will you swim
    paddle through

    have you made it this far?
    have you considered giving up yet?
    It’s okay if you want to turn back
    It’s okay if this is too much
    Lots of people do

    If not it’s on to the laser beams
    A dance of the feet
    Gracefulness in the hands
    The red lights gleaming

    From end to end
    Ceiling to floor
    If you can make it
    A gymnast’s accomplishment
    Waits at the end

    You’ve arrived at the treasure
    And now you must dig
    Dig deep and wide
    However, are you sure
    You are digging in the right spot
    It doesn’t hold a x
    To mark the spot
    It doesn’t have an arrow
    Pointing out it’s location
    It’s a guessing game
    Two inches to the left
    Five inches to the north
    How long will you stay here?
    How long will you excavate?
    Will you pass this test?

    You’ve finally discovered the treasure
    Only to discover
    A box inside a box
    Five layers of cedar
    Perfectly wrapping
    The box inside with splinters
    And nails
    What’s your strategy here
    How will you break through the layers?
    How will you bust through to what’s beneath?
    How will you get to the center?
    How will you get to the truth?
    Do you even know that the truth is here?

    At last you’ve made it
    To the place that holds it all
    It must be right?
    Are you sure?
    Sure you don’t want to turn back?

    One last challenge
    Stands before you
    A password
    That changes every minute

    Millions of options
    Millions of combinations
    And you must choose just one
    What will it be?
    Can you crack the code?

    It’s just a word
    Five letters
    One Syllable
    A blip on the radar
    A speck in the universe

    Just say it
    Vowels and Consonants
    Stirred together
    Like sugar into your coffee
    Or a batter
    Of Grandma’s world famous
    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    But before I say it
    Before I give you what you
    So desperately want
    I need something from you
    I Need you to
    Go back to where you live
    Go back to where you came from
    Start Over
    From the beginning
    Trust has not been gained yet
    And I … I will run away