SAAFE Circle

Sexual Abuse & Assault Forum for Empowerment – SAAFE Circle. What exactly is this?

It is a support group for women, sixteen years and older, who are survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault or sexual exploitation. It is a safe place for us to gather and discuss how our lives were forever altered by the evil acts of another person(s). Not to lament the pain, but to learn how to heal, forgive, grow and become the powerful women God created us to be. We support each other through every step of the healing process and encourage each other not to give up as we maneuver through the growth process – no matter how difficult it is.

If you have been sexually victimized at any point in your life, please join us. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are other women who understand the shame, guilt and worthless feelings that come from being sexually traumatized. These things that happened to you are not your fault. We are here to help you navigate through the lies that satan is feeding you so that you can find the truth.

For more information about when and where we meet, please contact Tina Arend at [email protected] or call 574.265.7966.

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